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12 Mission Creek Road - Livingston, MT 59047406-633-3657jaimie@spurringchange.com

Horsemanship at Spurring Change horsemenship

Own a horse and want to bring it to your session at Spurring Change? You are welcome to! Jaimie is a lifelong horsewoman and has studied with some of the best in natural horsemanship. Jaimie takes horsemanship to a whole new level when coupled with the Equine Gestalt Coaching Methodology.

What is your horse trying to teach you with their behaviors? Are they reacting to you or responding to you? Jaimie helps uncover how our own emotions, unfinished business, and fears show up when we work with our horses. Our horses have an innate ability to show us areas where we need to grow and change. Jaimie helps facilitate this work between you and your horse, taking your horsemanship to a new level as well as give you insights into yourself in ways that bring about huge awareness and with awareness, change can happen.

What to expect from a Horsemanship session:

  • Huge “Ah-has” into why your horse is behaving a certain way
  • Increased communication between you and your horse
  • Awareness of how you are perceived through your horses eyes
  • Clarity on what your horse is teaching you
  • Deeper connection between you and your horse
  • Practical horsemanship skills to take you and your horse to the next level
  • How to get your horse to respond instead of react
  • Address any fears you have with your horse
  • Fun with your horse in the mountains of Montana!