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Starting “Kate”

The First Ride

It is always an adventure starting a young horse for the first time. TRUST is a word that comes to my mind. After all, we are strapping a leather contraption on the horse and then climbing on them and asking them to do what we have in mind. Vice versa, we are climbing on a 1200 pound animal that has the power to do just about whatever they want with us on their back if they put their mind to it.

Meet Kate:


Today was the first day my husband Austin rode Kate. Kate is a beautiful four year old Quarter Horse from the Wilson Ranch in Colorado. We picked Kate up and brought her to the ranch in November and she has made quite the positive change in the last few months. First came putting the saddle on…no problem!


Next came Austin climbing on- no problem! Wow, what a remarkable horse. I was awestruck as they seamlessly worked together and had an amazing first ride. I believe it was the trust between them.



As I sat back and observed the calmness of the horse and the calmness of my husband, I couldn’t help but think about if the experience would have been different for Kate if I was the one starting her- did I trust her? Did she trust me? For that matter, do I operate with trust in my life?

Sometimes trust is broken, sometimes trust wasn’t even there to start with, and sometimes trust is so strong, it would be almost impossible to break. Any of these scenarios can be true for couples, parents and children, co-workers, friends, family and situations. I encourage you to trust today- not only in other people, but trust in the process of life, and trust in yourself. We can all learn from Kate- TRUST, even when you do not have control, and beautiful things will form and grow.

“Never be afraid to trust and unknown future to a known God”- Corrie ten Boom




This article was written by Jaimie

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CaryFebruary 24, 2014 at 10:18 pmReply

Thanks for the open house and thank you for this valuable message!