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12 Mission Creek Road - Livingston, MT 59047406-633-3657jaimie@spurringchange.com

Testimonials From Our Clients

I made an official appointment with Jaimie today, Spurring Change. We met in the indoor arena where she explained she is called a life coach, not a therapist, counselor, etc. and the life coach’s premise is that whatever our issues, we have all the answers, the coaches job is just to assist us in finding the answers that we know. And she uses the horses presence as, kind of an energy indicator, she said, lie detector, at one point in time. The horse is in the moment, not in any past or future place, they absorb our energy and are very giving. I want you to know that I was thoroughly impressed!!! 5 star!!!! The session was professionally set up, professionally done, and I was excited about the feelings and anticipate great results and great experience!! Jaimie is well educated in her job as a life coach and did a great job!    -Robin


Jaimie has a sweet, genuine nature that allows you to feel safe and relaxed in her presence. -Jodie S, Australia



Jaimie Stoltzfus helped coach me through something I was deeply saddened by. With Jaimie’s patience, focus and compassion she was able to help me identify the issues causing me the upset. Jaimie made me feel safe and self assured at the completion of our session as to how and where I really want to see myself and where I need to be… Jaimie’s genuine concern and warm smile sealed that feeling in helping me know I deserve love and acceptance for myself. Thank you Jaimie. – Kim, WA



Jaimie led me to an awareness of how a critical event from my childhood was affecting my everyday actions and how I interact with the world. She was very gentle and compassionate throughout which helped me fully look at myself and find ways to move forward in better control. I highly recommend anyone to this beautiful person. -Carroll, CO