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12 Mission Creek Road - Livingston, MT 59047406-633-3657jaimie@spurringchange.com


Meet the Team

Shawnee is a Paint Quarter horse who has been by Jaimie’s side for over twelve years. She is a soft and gentle soul who has an amazing ability to comfort people in pain. She is the oldest of the healing team at 18 years of age with lots of wisdom to share. When people meet Shawnee for the first time, they are immediately at ease by her wise, gentle demeanor.


Ruby is the daughter of Shawnee and was raised by Jaimie on the ranch. She is four years old and is a constant and willing learner. Ruby has an uncanny ability to bring about smiles and laughs to all she encounters. Ruby helps people understand their boundaries through a gentle approach. She is always available for affection and is an instant friend to all.

Dixie has been in the herd for over two years. She is six years old and was given to Jaimie and her husband, Austin, by two very dear friends. Dixie holds a special place in their hearts and she has a huge heart herself. She stands at 16 hands tall and is an Appendix Quarter Horse. Dixie is not only used on the ranch for cow work, but transitions naturally into being a huge shoulder to lean on for clients of Spurring Change.



Banjo is a seven year old quarter horse. He is a dependable and trustworthy mount and is used on the ranch for herding, roping, and moving cattle along with many other things! On Banjo’s time off from the ranch, he joins the ladies of the herd to be a dynamic force for the healing work. He is honest and readily willing to be a partner to all those who have the privilege to work with him.